Joseph WashburnΒ has been married to his amazing wife, Mikki, for fifteen years. They have four wonderful children. He served in the U.S. Army for thirteen years gaining invaluable leadership experience. After committing his life to Jesus in his mid-twenties, Joseph also served as a Bible Worker and Church Elder at a regional conference in the south. Later, he attended the ARISE Bible program, interned with ARISE/Storyline church, and interned with Light Bearers in a discipleship program. Joseph is currently attending a local Christian university working towards a counseling degree.

What leads you to be a coach?

God has blessed me to be a blessing. My time in the service has left me with an insatiable desire to teach, train, and equip. Though not in the Army anymore, I am still a soldier who wants to equip others for the battles of this life.

What do you like best about it?

Coaching is an opportunity for God to make something good out my pain as He ministers through me to other broken and hurting people. I love being able to empower others to gain victory in Christ just as I have.

How do you recharge on your days off?

Spending time in communion with God in nature is my power source. Alone, with my wife and kids, or with friends, it doesn’t matter.Β 

What are your three favorite things?

Spending time with my kids, hiking tall mountains, and reading.