Kimberly Saunders-Bially, MA, RPC, MPCC enjoys working with all ages and backgrounds, including children, and has experience with individual counselling and groups. Areas of specialty include relationship and career issues, stress management, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, domestic violence, child behaviour, and the effects of trauma. Service opportunities have included involvement with Your Best Pathway to Health, Nedley Health Solutions, and Women’s Ministries. 

She is a strong believer in wholistic wellbeing, and counts it a privilege to be able to counsel from a Biblical and Spirit of Prophesy foundation, where true healing can occur. Complimentary approaches to this include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Play Therapy. Through these means, she sees that God gives us fortitude and hope for difficult times. She desires to invite Him into the counselling process as our Counsellor, Creator, and Saviour.

She is married to her wonderful husband, who is a youth pastor, and enjoys the many children, youth, and young adults in their care.

Why did you choose a career in counseling?
When in high school, I was deciding between medicine or psychology. I asked my mother what she thought, and without hesitation she said counselling! I then shadowed a doctor… and almost fainted. I could admit I saw her reasoning, and it has been a rewarding fit. 

What do you like best about counseling? 
I enjoy seeing true healing occur through Jesus, and it is a pleasure to witness the inner workings of new realizations and solutions, and the courage to choose a better life. There are many facets of counseling and I appreciate what it has taught me along the way as well.

How do you recharge on your day off? 
I enjoy walking, long distance running, and paddle boarding, preferably in the mountains. A phone call with family is precious, and listening to tranquil nature and music is necessary. Reading uplifting work that keeps my mind healthy and focused on Jesus is restorative and often gives me new pictures of hope that I can share with others. 

What are your three favourite things?
The Psalms;
My husband;
The mountains.