Lexe Valdivia, MMFT graduated from California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and went on to receive her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Loma Linda, CA. She completed her traineeship at the Behavioral Health Institute serving individuals, couples, and families of children struggling with life stresses, mental health, and substance abuse. In addition, her prior experience during undergraduate includes working at a group home with male adolescents and working with autistic children at both a school base and home setting.  Lexe currently works with Lighthouse Counseling & Family Resource Center since August 2018 as a bilingual therapist for the Lincoln community.  She is driven to serve the community, providing sensitive therapy from a systemic and cultural perspective. She is very passionate to help others overcome obstacles and achieve goals.  

What leads you to be a counselor?
During my time at a group home with male children and adolescents, I felt powerless to attend the needs of my kiddo’s trauma as well as other mental health challenges. Therefore, I felt there was a greater calling that God wanted me to do such as going back to school to get a master’s degree. And quite honestly, I pray He will continue guiding me to where, how, and who He wants to share hope with. I believe life is a never-ending journey where I’m constantly learning from Him and others.   

What do you like best about it?
I would say it is a privilege and honor to be invited to someone’s life, to someone’s journey, to see a person grow in ways they were not aware of and see them take courage with a new mindset. It’s beautiful to see how God continues working miracles.

How do you recharge on your days off?
Definitely by hitting the gym, doing group exercise classes (cardio or high intensity like kickboxing, body pump or body combat), listening to music or singing with friends, and enjoying a good sleep over.   

What are your three favorite things?
I enjoy spending time with family and close friends, making and enjoying a nice meal, and seeking to have a relationship with our Creator who knows us best.