Abide Helper Training (Zoom)

A one-day Zoom intensive group experience in learning how to help others with mental health, all the while helping ourselves.


Counselors, coaches, pastors, ministry leaders, and anyone who’d like to sharpen their people-helping skills should attend.

Biblical Foundations; Helpers Needed; Speaking the Truth in Love; Diagnosis Basics; Theories and Models; Practical Tools; Your Office

Abide Helper Training is the first step toward becoming qualified for Abide Helper certification. Our certification program is less expensive than 95% of life coach trainings, which range from $500 to thousands of dollars. Those who wish to be certified must buy materials ranging in cost from $30-$90 and must have three coaching sessions costing a total of about $200. This brings the grand total to well under $500. The certification doesn’t provide college credit.

The training first establishes the biblical case for coaching, connecting it to mentoring/discipleship and exploring the process of inner transformation through God and His Word. Then we look at the great need for both professional and paraprofessional mental health advocates and the effect they can have. We simplify mental health diagnoses and theories of psychology. Finally, we work through a series of tools used in coaching and learn how to apply them practically.

The training is only the beginning of the Abide Network learning experience. From the point of the training, the learner has books to read and various kinds of meetings to attend where they not only enrich their toolbox, but connect to a larger community of mental health professionals, paraprofessionals, advocates, and educators. The Abide Helper Training is a gateway into a mental health movement that is growing by the day.

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