Miriam Feese, MSW is a graduate of University of Michigan School of Social Work and has also attended training by Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, LPC at ABIDE in Coach/Counselor training.  She is currently employed as a mental health therapist at Life Guidance, a community mental health clinic.  She has experience in individual counseling (depression, anxiety, trauma, co-dependency, parenting, conflict resolution, and other relationship and spiritual issues).  Her approach addresses the whole person (physical, mental, and spiritual) and follows evidence-based practices, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Why did you choose a career in counseling?
I didn’t so much choose a career in counseling, I feel it chose me.  In the past, friends have sought me out for counsel and would say they appreciated my perspective.  I had a career in social work and was working with Simplicity Outreach in Allentown, PA.  Little did I know, the years I spent connecting in the community and meeting with people one on one in their homes was preparing me for me my work in counseling.  The Lord opened the door to counseling through a friend who saw potential in me and pushed me to apply to work in a community mental health clinic when she heard I was looking for work.  Since beginning this journey as a counselor, God has confirmed, in multiple ways, that He has me just where He wants me; I have discovered a love for counseling that I did not know I had.

What do you like best about counseling? 
I’ve found that counseling offers an opportunity to come alongside others in their hurt and brokenness–through encouraging, guiding, and teaching. I used to think counseling would be boring because you are sitting and working in an office all day. However, I’ve found the experience to be quite the opposite.  I love learning about the special and unique story of each person and helping guide them on their personal journey of healing and growth.  I’ve found it is exciting to see through God’s eyes the potential and value in each person.

How do you recharge on your day off?
I enjoy spending time outdoors, and when the weather is nice, I enjoy going for walks and hikes.  I also feel refreshed after taking time to reflect and journal, especially as I spend time with God in prayer and Bible study.  Taking time to be with, and talk to, friends also helps me refocus and process.

What are your three favorite things?
1) Spending time talking and reflecting with God; 2) Experimenting and cooking in the kitchen; 3) Deep and challenging conversations with friends.