Pamela McKinney, LCSW-R is an attorney turned licensed clinical social worker.  She is a graduate of the School of Social Work at the State University of New York at Albany.  She has extensive experience in mental health counseling with both individuals and groups in an outpatient clinic and halfway house setting.  Many of her clients report depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, and interpersonal conflicts. She takes a wholistic approach and uses various therapeutic modalities including CBT, Solution Focus, and Psychodynamic interventions.  Her strong Christ-centered orientation is the foundation upon which she works.

What Lead You to be a Counselor?
In my former careers as an attorney and law professor I focused on content, concrete data, and “results.”  While certain aspects of these jobs were challenging and rewarding, I found that counseling students and listening to people were more in line with my personality.  I have always been a good listener and gain energy when supporting and encouraging others. Once, between jobs, I was a children’s daycare director and spent a good portion of my time counseling the staff.  That’s when I decided to go back to school to get the MSW degree.   

What Do I Like Best About Counseling?
The clients.  I love them. They are so open, so real, so vulnerable, so accepting.  You just want to hug them and love them.    

How Do You Recharge After a Busy Day?
Walking.  I live in upstate New York.  Its rolling hills and trees regenerate you.  I also enjoy writing letters of encouragement, especially to the sick and shut in.

What Are My Three Most Favorite Things to Do?
First and foremost, I enjoy Bible Study with my husband.  We do a weekly radio program called Gospel Conversations; preparing for the program is special.  Second, spending time with my family and friends. Finally, I have a sweet tooth so I love to bake.