For those who want to learn to help others. 

ABIDE HELPER TRAINING IS A one-day Zoom intensive group experience in learning how to help others with mental health, all the while helping ourselves. THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS SHOULD CONSIDER TAKING THE COURSE:

-“Peer counselors” or lay people who wish to learn the art of helping others
-Professional counselors who wish to learn biblical counseling
-Pastors and leaders who need more training in how to help others
-Law enforcement officials, medical professionals, and anyone with frequent contact with people
-Anyone interested in mental health

The course comes with a syllabus, which includes two tests which must be completed to receive the certification (see below). Attendees will learn:

-A knowledge of basic therapeutic techniques used in counseling
-A knowledge of “when to refer” individuals to a professional
-Help with how to handle high risks situations such as psychosis or suicidality
-How to listen effectively
-How to help people without experiencing stress and burnout

This course is one of several components necessary to receive the Abide Helper Training certificate.

The other components are:

-Completion of the two tests that come with the Abide Helper Training syllabus
-Watching or attending a Finding Peace seminar
-Reading the book 13 Weeks to Peace
-Watching or attending a To Love and Be Loved
-Reading the book 13 Weeks to Love
-Three coaching sessions with an Abide coach or counselor


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